FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2016

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>> For many it's the pinnacle of confectionary, but what did resemble the Alps, is now more like well, the peak district, in what's been called a Swiss swizz. Two bars in the UK have been redesigned to make them lighter.
e same length, but fewer triangles. So here we have one of the traditional bars, notice the tightly packed triangles.
But here in Britain, the 400 gram bar and the 170 gram bar are being reduced in weight. And to achieve that, Toblerone has decided to increase the gaps between the triangles instead of just shrinking the overall design. A decision that's created a mountain of abuse. First Bowie, then Brexit, now this horror, says one consumer.
Another, that it's up there with the dumbest corporate decisions of all time. Toblerone's owner, Mondelez says it was down to the rising cost of numerous ingredients. The redesign, the only alternative they say, to raising prices.>> Is that a Toblerone?>> No.>> But it's missing every every other block isn't it?
>> Yeah.>> That is just a joke, honestly.>> We can't pick it now.>> God save us.>> Add two p onto the price, we'll never have noticed. Don't touch things, it's like fiddling with recipes. You can't do it.>> Only British bars are affected but the company denies it was because of Brexit, adding the move was in the pipeline long before the vote to leave the EU.
But consumers can't fathom why the bar wasn't just made shorter. Some suggesting the trend, dubbed shrink-flation, has yet to reach its peak.