FIRST AIRED: November 12, 2016

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>> Demonstrators were kicking off a new round of protests Saturday, beginning in New York City. Their grievances aimed squarely at Donald Trump, and his policies.>> And we're out here telling him that he does not have carta blanca to take away our rights.>> So we're not tolerance of coming, some president coming and telling us you don't belong here, yes we do.
>> Organizers are using Facebook to mobilize people across the country. Writing, it is our time as a movement to unite and fight back against Donald Trump, and what he wants to do to this country. Rallies are planned for Los Angeles and Chicago, as demonstrators try to keep the momentum going.
>> We reject the President Elect.>> Huge crowds have taken to the streets in major cities nightly, since the election results were announced. Gatherings have been largely peaceful, but tensions are rising. On Friday, one protestor in Portland was shot by an unknown gunman, but not mortally wounded. The suspect remains at large.
And police use riot gear, tear gas, and rubber bullets to try and tame the crowds, after they smashed windows, sprayed graffiti, and damaged cars. In Oakland, people vandalized shops, more than 100 were arrested in Los Angeles.>> Not my president.>> And even the red state of Texas saw crowds gather.
Demonstrators say they're angry about allegations of Trump's abuse of women. His vow to restrict immigration, and register Muslims.