FIRST AIRED: November 7, 2016

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>> Peshmerga fighters moving cautiously forward as they retake a northern Iraqi village from Islamic State. But Reuters reporter Michael Georgy says they face a dangerous road ahead as they and Iraqi troops press towards Mosul. Kurdish peshmerga forces entered this village of Bashika this morning at about 5 o'clock.
At around 10 o'clock, two suicide bombers tried to attack Kurdish forces. No one was injured. Behind me is the main street through the town. What's happening now speaks volumes why it's gonna take so long to get through Mosul. There's a Islamic State fighter, a sniper in a building about 500 meters away.
He's been firing up this street at peshmerga and American Special Forces, who you'll see are behind me. They have responded with top sophisticated powerful weapons. They fired artillery. He's coming up every ten minutes or so, every five minutes or so and firing, with probably a AK-47. His advantage is there are a tunnel network in this town, as there is in Mosul.
So he's coming up firing, going underground. They have been consulting widely, holding up maps, etc, but it's been delaying. And behind the camera are about 40 vehicles that arrived this morning expected to sweep through Bashika. But even the most confident peshmerga officers will tell you that the snipers and the suicide bombers are a serious problem.
And this is likely what they're gonna face throughout the Mosul campaign.