FIRST AIRED: November 9, 2016

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>> Here in Florida, AP has called the race. Donald Trump takes the 29 electoral votes early on with the early voter turnout which was a record high. There was some hope that Hillary would take the state. But as we saw, we visited five polling stations today and there were virtually no lines.
Sometimes we would have to wait several minutes before voters would even show up. And that was an early indication that perhaps things weren't going so well for Hillary. And in the end it looks like she is losing the state. I'm here with Luciana Lopez, our political correspondent.>> Luciana, what do you make of this, and where did things go wrong for Hilary?
>> Well, as we've talked about before, Florida is really a whole bunch of states in one. And so while she did do well with some Hispanic voters, there were for example, the Cuban American voters who tend to lean republican. There are people in other parts of the state who lean very much more Republican.
So for example, if you look at the Panhandle of Florida. The Panhandle is very Republican and they turned out in force for Donald Trump. If you look at other parts of the state, they turned out in force for Donald Trump. And I think what we're seeing in Florida is a microcosm of what we're seeing nationwide.
Which is to say a lot of rural voters, a lot of white voters really turned up for Donald Trump in large numbers, and really counter-balanced whatever surge you might have seen among Latinos. And a lot of places we're seeing voters from other groups more than making up that difference.
>> Right, and we're here in Little Havana, and across the street the Ball and Chain Bar has been having a party to watch the vote count. And earlier in the evening when they said that Donald Trump is pulling ahead, there's a large cheer. Obviously, in the Cuban community there’s still a lot of support for Donald Trump.
Can you talk a little bit about how the Hispanic votes break down for Trump?>> Well, I think as in many communities, there are some sharp divides. And so, for example, as we've been in this park outside here in Little Havana talking to people, one group of people came by and said Florida is for Hillary, and then a man walking in the other direction said no, no, Florida is for Trump.
So I think what we're really seeing is that there are some sharp divisions. Florida was relatively close. It wasn't a blow out either way, and I think it really underscores it's a very polarized electorate this year. Again, Florida is kind of a microcosm for the country.>> And can you tell us a little bit about while we were visiting these polling stations, you were speaking to a lot of different voters.
What was the sentiment among those who voted for Trump? What was it they told you that they particularly liked about this candidate. Why were they voting for him?>> Well there were really a range of views, for example I talked to one young man who said that he didn't actually like Trump very much, but he disliked Hillary a lot more.
Which, again, really points to just what kind of disliked candidates we have this year among everyone. I spoke with another gentleman earlier today who said that he really liked Donald Trump. And that he felt that Hilary was a very corrupt candidate. He had a lot of issues with her personally, which is something we've seen come up with voters again and again.
Hilary Clinton has really battled these perceptions that she has a corruption issue. And then of course, there are also just straight up values voters for whom Donald Trump's stance on abortion in this election was important. Also the fact that we have an open seat on the Supreme Court.
I think Scalia's death really brought home to people the immediacy of the possibility of transformation on the Supreme Court. And of course with Republicans holding that seat open, that means that the next president could be good to go as far as tipping SCOTUS one way or another.>> All right, thanks a lot Luciana Lopez.
This Jane Lee in Miami, Florida, which has been called for Donald Trump by AP.