FIRST AIRED: November 9, 2016

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>> It's Brexit all over again, the polls get it desperately wrong again, widespread scenes of disbelief again, but this time, because Donald Trump has triumphed in the battle for the White House. I'm Reuters reporter Mia Womersley at the US Embassy in central London, where it really has been an extraordinary evening.
We began the night with hamburgers aplenty, live DJs and a free-flowing bar, but over time, that was converted into shock, disbelief and concern.>> I can't help but despair at the whole state of things, really. As state after state declared results, the I'm With Hers looked less and less confident, as Trump at the top became more and more likely.
>> Everything Trump espouses is hateful and against humanity. He's not for people.>> I just think mainly his views as a person, they shouldn't be promoted. I think if he gets to be in that powerful seat, people will think, it's okay, I can be against women because he is, and he's the most powerful man in the world.
>> But for those championing the Republican, it's all about going back to basics.>> I think Trump is great for the country and for the world because it allows us to have a honest discussion and debate about the merits of nationalist policies and a real debate on globalist policies.
Basically, the US looking to take care of its own in a way. There's a positive vision there and I think we can do very well. An unprecedented case of deja vu, as the disenfranchised do it again.>> It's a theme that we have across the world at the moment, this rise of anti-intellectualism, right-wing, and it's quite worrying for our future, I have to say.
>> After Britain voted to leave the European Union, a wave of hate crime spread across the UK. Fears now of similar scenes on the streets of the United States. At London's US Embassy, the media center packs up for the night and the world gets ready to face a very different dawn.