FIRST AIRED: November 3, 2016

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>> Police in Des Moines, on Thursday, saying they found a rifle they believe was used by Scott Michael Green in his ambush style murder of two Iowa officers. The weapon hidden in a brushy rural area uncovered by a police dog. Green's home and truck searched, the latter abandoned in a muddy off road area.
Authorities at a loss for why Green killed their colleagues Anthony Beminio and Justin Martin.>> I don't know if we'll ever really even know, I guarantee whatever it is it's not gonna make any damn sense to any of us.>> 46 year old Green has had a string of run ins with the law, including this incident, shot by Green himself and posted to YouTube, showing cops kicking him out of a high school football game where he was seen waving a confederate flag.
>> Have a committed a crime?>> You're on private property. You're on school property.>> Green allegedly ambushed each officer in patrol car roughly 30 minutes apart. They were found about two miles from each other, both having been fired at multiple times. Green was picked up hours later after flagging down a state worker and asking him to call 911 for medical attention.
He'll be questioned by police after he's released from the hospital. Vigils were held Wednesday for both the slain officers.