FIRST AIRED: November 8, 2016

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>> At Portsmouth West High School in Southern Ohio, 12th grade students in a government class have been learning about elections past and present. So I asked them, how would you describe this presidential race?>> It's a joke.>> It's just terrible.>> Scary.>> Crazy.>> I'm gonna say, awakening.
I think people have realized, maybe to take it more seriously.>> Todd Gilliland, who teaches American government to these seniors says his students have become disillusioned with the democratic process.>> Very few of the students that I talk to, I would say are excited about the election. They see all the negativity that's been thrown from both sides and they hear the same things at home and in the local media.
And they have a fear of what the future holds for them.>> I'm mostly just disappointed in America. Because like it was a joke in the beginning with the candidates. And they kinda like let it go on like, yeah, Trump is running for president and like the Simpsons had predicted it, everyone thought that was funny.
But, now, it's not a joke anymore.>> You're either black or white, left or right, red or blue. You're either right or you're wrong.>> I'm 18, I just choose not to vote this year because I don't feel like there's any positive to this equation.>> Mr. Gilliland said not only does he have to contend with students disenchanted with politics but also a mountain of misinformation.
>> They've been videos about him calling women pigs and stuff. And I talk about that with my parents, and they're like, no, that's a video that Hillary made.>> This whole thing came out with Hillary having an earpiece in or whatever. And she would pause whenever she had an answer.
And then she knew the answers too well, I think. So it was either she had really prepared or there was an outside inside source.>> There is strong support for Donald Trump in this part of Ohio and 7 out of these 12 students said that if they could, they'd vote for Trump.
But unlike some adults voting in the election, they're more willing to keep an open mind.>> I would definitely go back and watch all the debates and learn more and be more educated based off of it. All this stuff I said today was pretty much just if I had to choose one based off of what I have heard or what I have seen, that would be my pick.
But before I would even make a decision, I would definitely watch the debates.