FIRST AIRED: November 11, 2016

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>> We will build a great wall along the southern boarder.>>
>> Donald Trump's much talked about wall could end up a mere fence. A double sided fence to be exact, lining America's southern boarder with Mexico. Reuter's correspondents Julia Edwards Einlsy.>> Congressional aides say that there are a number of Republicans in the house who've been working on a bill for some time that was meant to, ensure border security, really with the idea that Clinton would've been elected.
>> But instead with President Elect Trump set to take office, those Republicans now apparently wanna use that bill to make good on Trump's oldest campaign promise. The problem, they say, is that a real wall doesn't actually make much sense.>> A wall would actually be less safe for border patrol agents, who need to be able to see through to see what's coming toward them.
A fence obviously allows them to do this.>> Plus much of the 2000 mile US Mexico border is inaccessible, under water, or part of private or preserved land. By contrast, extending border fencing in some areas may allow Trump to save face.>> They plan on pitching to the Trump team to say look, we know you need to point to something to make good on your campaign promise.
But let's make it a fence, let's make it more border agents, let's make it possibly some surveillance along the boarders such as additional cameras. But to build this giant, beautiful, magnificent wall that he's talked about just doesn't really seem in the cards for them right now.>> Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto reiterated Wednesday that his country would not pay to secure the US side of the border.
So that could make the cheaper fence option politically more attractive for Trump, lest he find his back up against a wall.