FIRST AIRED: November 11, 2016

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>> Well, I just had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with President-elect Trump.>> With the eyes of the world riveted on their every move, President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump setting aside years of venom in an awkwardly cordial first sit-down.>> Mr. President, it was a great honor being with you, and I look forward to being with you many, many more times.
>> Setting in motion a transfer of power after Trump's stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton.>> We wanna make sure that they feel welcome as they prepare to make this transition.>> Reporter Steve Holland was in the room for the historic Oval Office meeting.>> For two men who have spent the past year and a half attacking each other, the body language was pretty good between them.
The meeting was supposed to be a half hour or so, maybe a little longer. It ended up being an hour and a half. So it gave the President an opportunity to give Donald Trump a sense of what he's going to be inheriting, giving him some idea of the enormity of the job of being the president of the United States.
And Donald Trump seemed to appreciate the gesture.>> With Clinton taking the popular vote and anti-Trump protests in the streets, the two working hard to project unity, after savaging each other for years. Trump spearheaded the birther movement questioning Obama's citizenship, and Obama derided him as a reality TV star.
>> Obviously, we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience.>>
And in the days before the election, hitting Trump in ways rarely seen from a sitting president.>> You can reject somebody who proves himself unfit to be president every single day, in every single way.
>> Thank you, guys.>> Very good man.>> Thank you.>> Both men now in the world's most exclusive club, which has helped earlier occupants overcome differences, be it George H W Bush and Bill Clinton in 1992, or Obama and George W Bush in 2008.>> You have to put the politics behind you at some point.
President Obama, he remembers the transition that he went through with George W Bush, and how helpful the Bush people were with him. And he's determined to do the same thing with the Trump people.>> Trump moving on from the White House to Capitol Hill for more fence mending within his own party, after many of the GOP's elected leaders turned on him in the campaign, including Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.
>> We are now talking about how we're going to hit the ground running.>> Both now coming around.