FIRST AIRED: November 2, 2016

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>> When we win on November 8th.>> The FBI bombshell on Clinton's e-mails has changed the complexion of the Presidential race.>> There is no case.>> I'm James Ollefent, political correspondent for Reuters. Clinton has lost a substantial share of her national polling lead and Trump does seem to be making headway in several battleground states.
But that might not be entirely bad for Hillary Clinton.>> Thank you.>> What the Clinton forces really need right now, with their voters, is a sense of urgency. They need their voters to really imagine a President Trump.>> It's a rigged system, folks.>> The odds are still against him, but his chances are better now than they were a week ago.
He is showing some surprising strength in midwestern states like Ohio, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, all states he's gonna need to win if he has a shot at the presidency. The map is still tough for him, he basically has to run the table on a number of populus states. Clinton has to hold onto Pennsylvania, that's a really key state for her.
She cannot allow Trump to make in roads there. North Carolina has also become critically important for Clinton. So in the coming days we're gonna see a real effort by Clinton in states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania. She is going to Arizona tomorrow, but that may be a pipe dream at this point.
But the good new for Clinton is that this race is allowing the get out the vote message the Democrats so desperately need to resonate. Remember, Republicans are more reliable voters than Democrats. Democrats, they're a coalition of young people, African Americans, Hispanics, women. Sometimes they're not as reliable voters, they need to feel a sense of urgency.
So the threat of a president Trump many convince some of these more lackadaisical voters to get off their couches and into a voting booth.