FIRST AIRED: November 17, 2016

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>> A stroll in Berlin, likely his last as US president. Barack Obama is in town on a farewell European tour. Pointedly, this is the last leg. Joining German chancellor Angela Merkel Thursday for a series of bilateral meetings. Reuters senior correspondent in Berlin, Andrea Shalal, says they've come at a pivotal time.
>> This is a really important moment. Merkel and Obama had a not so easy start but developed very close ties early on in their tenure, they've worked together now for the eight years that President Obama's been in office. It comes at a critical time where threats are increasing around the world, tensions with Russia have become very difficult for both countries.
>> Obama's described Merkel as his closest international partner.>> As I reflect back over the last eight years, I could not ask for a steadier or more reliable partner on the world stage.>> Now their thoughts must turn to how Germany can work with the next administration. Publicly, Merkel has given one of the coolest congratulations to Obama's replacement, Donald Trump.
>> I think Chancellor Merkel put a very clear line in the sand with her congratulations to Donald Trump, saying we will work with you, but only on these conditions that you have to respect human dignity and freedom of speech and freedom of religion.>> Also on the table, Russian sanctions and the fight against Islamic State, a further sign of their shared security concerns, the closed streets and police cordons for Obama's 27 strong motorcade.
On Friday, it will only get more crowded>> Get Chancellor Merkel.>> Then they'll be joined by the British, French, Spanish, and Italian leaders, perhaps to bid a final farewell to the world they once knew.>> The German people have embarked on