FIRST AIRED: November 17, 2016

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>> What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple.>> Donald Trump showed little love for Silicon Valley on the campaign trail taking swings that giants Apple and Amazon. Now all the bad blood sparking fears of a high tech brain drain out of Washington as he takes the White House, cyber security reporter Dustin Volz.
>> Donald Trump's election has made a lot of people in Silicon Valley feel more reticent to go into government. They're fearful that their priorities don't align with his philosophy and his combative nature. And this also concerning to the rank and file of members of federal government in the intelligence community, places like the National Security Agency.
So the federal government has a well documented shortage of cyber security talent, technology talent. There is a possibility that this short fall could get even worse under a Trump administration. As people are talented in these skills look to either not join the Trump administration or in fact, actively leave it.
>> US officials telling Reuters there's especially worried about hackers getting the upper hand.>> This is particularly concerning an area like cyber security where the threats is always evolving and always expanding. Other countries like Russia and China are all the time getting more sophisticated in the way they can exploit our systems.
So if there is a continued shortfall of talent in the government cause by the Trump election, then that is a serious concern for cyber security for the entire nation.>> And I'm saying, I want Apple.>> During the campaign, Trump called for a boycott against Apple after its CEO Tim Cook refused to help the FBI break into the iPhone of one of the shooters in San Bernardino.
Trump also claimed that Google was favoring rival Hillary Clinton in their search engines.>> On a whole host of issues from government surveillance to encryption, the tech sectors sees itself very much at odds with a Trump presidency.>> Trump's transition team has no point person dedicated to cyber security policy.
Security officials say former Congressman Mike Rogers has the standing in intelligence circles to attract talent. But on Tuesday, the Trump transition team showed him the door.>>