FIRST AIRED: November 1, 2016

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>> Iraqi forces fighting street to street in Mosul, as the battle to retake Iraq's second city from Islamic State enters its third week. Residents of the eastern neighborhood of al-Quds told Reuters that artillery and airstrikes pounded the city. As Sunni militants tried to hold the army back, and the first capture of an important building, with Iraqi special forces entering the state television station inside the city.
Reuters Iraq correspondent Steven Kalin is embedded with the Army.>> The place is slowly being cleared, but Islamic State is putting up stiff resistance. And we're hearing about uprisings, sort of acts of resistance inside the city. It's far from a full-scale uprising. But as Iraqi forces are getting closer to Mosul itself, we're hearing that there are civilians from inside are rising up against Islamic State.
>> Commanders say the pressure is on all sides of Mosul, so they can force their way into the city center. The latest push marks the beginning of a new phase of urban warfare.>> As the forces get further into built up areas, there's an expectation that the resistance will become fiercer, and just by nature of fighting in an urban area with a population estimated at 1.5 million still.
The fighting will be much more difficult. They'll have to go street by street, house by house, trying to protect civilians, keep them out of harm's way, get them out of the city when they have to, and encourage them to stay at their homes when they can.>> For thousands of residents holed up in the city, they've described heavy fighting outside their homes.
The fear now will be keeping them out of harm's way.