FIRST AIRED: November 2, 2016

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>> Defend, deter, and develop.>> Britain to spend 1.9 billion pounds beating up its cyber security defenses. British Chancellor Philip Hammond, unveiling a five year strategy at a conference in London Tuesday.>> But we must keep up with the scale and the pace of the threat we face.
>> The details part of a previously announced plan, Chancellor Hammond vowing to protect British businesses and citizens online and pushing industry to follow suit.>> But in cyberspace, those who want to harm us, appear to think they can act scalably and deniably. It is our duty to demonstrate that they cannot act with impunity, so we will not only defend ourselves in cyber space, we will strike back in kind when we are attacked.
>> Hammond also hinting a threats from Russia. If we do not have the ability to respond in cyberspace to an attack which takes down our power networks, leaving us in darkness or hits at our traffic control systems grounding our planes. We would be left with the impossible choice of turning the other cheek and ignoring the devastating consequences or resulting to military response.
>> The remarks come after MI5 Director General Andrew Parker told the Guardian Newspaper of a growing threat from Russian cyber attacks and espionage. The Kremlin hitting back, dismissing the allegations as untrue, and challenging its critics to produce evidence.