FIRST AIRED: November 10, 2016

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>> There is the issue.>> Before moving in to the White House, Donald Trump has a date in Federal Court. Students looking to drain the swamp of the now defunct Trump University are moving forward with a lawsuit claiming he defrauded them with his Real Estate seminars. US Presidents enjoy the privilege of immunity from lawsuit stemming from their official duties.
But writer editor Anthony Lean says, that won't help Trump here.>> In this case, this is an incident took place before Trump is taking office. The lawsuit dates from before he began running for president. So the Supreme Court has ruled that that does not apply in that case.
So the case can go forward.>> That precedent comes courtesy of Bill Clinton. The nation's highest court ruled against Clinton's argument that he was immune in the sexual harassment case Paula Jones filed against him. He went on to settle. Sources tell Reuters, Trump finds himself in uncharted territory.
>> This is a case where the president is going on trial, president-elect rather, November 28th barely three weeks after the elections. So that is really unprecedented. I mean, we've spoken to Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and yeah, he shared that view that this is just a completely unique situation.
>> The presiding judge is none other than Gonzalo Curiel, an American of Mexican descent who Trump said was biased against him because of his plan to build a Mexican border wall. Trump's lawyers plan to asked that the jury be blocked from hearing comments he made on that issue and others while on the campaign trail.