FIRST AIRED: November 10, 2016

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>> The shock waves from Donald Trump's upset victory, shaking the marble foundations of the nations highest court. Visions of a more liberal bench if Hillary Clinton had won, shattered. In their place,expectations of an even more conservative court than over the past three decades. Supreme Court reporter, Lawrence Hurley.
>> There was this kinda nine month period from the death of Justice Antonin Scalia back in February, where it looked like liberals could get a majority because they would be able to appoint this pivotal fifth justice on the nine member court. Liberals are kind of shocked and disappointed because it really looked like they had this chance to get this majority, which they've long coveted.
Now they may not get a chance for many years to come to get even one nominee, let alone more than one.>> We have got to do a great job.>> President-elect Trump promising to appoint judges taking a tough line on abortion, labor unions, and gun control. Offering conservative names such as Senator Mike Lee of Utah, and Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett.
>> These were list of judges that were provided to him by conservative legal groups to kind of sure up his support on the right. So he's promised that he's gonna select from that list, so that should keep conservatives who care about these legal issues kind of on side on the issue.
>> Republicans in congress refuse to take up president Obama's choice of moderate Judge Merrick Garland after Scalia's death. Living the court in a four to four conservative liberal deadlock. The maneuver now playing out just as they hoped. And it maybe more than just one seat Trump will be asked to fill.
>> There are three justices on the court now who are 78 or older. There's Justice Stephen Breyer, who's 78, he's one of the liberals. Justice Anthony Kennedy, the conservative swing vote, is 80, and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83. So it's quite conceivable that even after this current vacancy is filled, that Trump will get another vacancy to fill in the next few years.
>> Thank you everybody.>> Another way Trump's big win, beyond policies or laws, could now shift the nation's course for decades to come.