FIRST AIRED: November 2, 2016

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>> What I care about is your lives.>> With the FBI bomb shell on Hillary Clinton's emails taking a toll, Clinton needs more than ever to get minority voters out to the ballot box. But, the early voting numbers so far, less than encouraging. Showing a decline in African American voting this year from 2012 levels in crucial swing states.
Political correspondent Ginger Gibson.>> Hillary Clinton is going to need a robust turnout among African American voters to be victorious in states like Florida and North Carolina. We've heard from some members of congress in Florida that they were concerned that there wasn't a robust turnout on Sunday. A day when traditionally African American voters have been helped to get to the early voting stations from church, we've heard some concern that there wasn't enough of that taking place.
>> Clinton is struggling to sustain enthusiasm without Barack Obama on the ballot.>> America's on the ballot.>> The good news for Clinton, African Americans who do go to the polls this year overwhelmingly plan to vote for her. A new poll showing 89% of black voters this year are supporting Clinton, with only 2% backing Trump.
>> I think America is big-hearted, not small-minded.>> African-Americans supported her husband in the 1990s and came out and droves to help her defeat primary rival Bernie Sanders. The survey shows Clinton hanging on to those voters despite a last minute push by Trump to connect with voters outside the whites who form his base.
>> Trump has said things like what do you have to lose just vote for me, and has described inner cities as hell, where people can get shot walking to the store. Clinton has strongly criticized Trump for those remarks in a direct appeal to those voters, saying, look, I understand the African American spirit and Donald Trump doesn't.
>> Asked if they felt Donald Trump is a racist, 84% of black voters said yes. The poll also showing that 96% of African Americans saying they plan to vote. She'll need them to deliver on that promise in a strong wave to clinch the White House.