FIRST AIRED: November 4, 2016

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uffles in Paris as French authorities evacuate thousands of migrants from an illegal camp in the capital. Members of the site soared after the closure of the so called Jungle Camp in Calais last week. Police moved in at daybreak and escorted almost 4,000 migrants to waiting buses, leaving behind countless mattresses and tents.
Authorities say tension is inevitable given the circumstances.>>
> The Paris and Calais camps have been home to around 10,000 migrants in total. They've come to symbolize Europe's fraught efforts to deal with a record influx of migrants fleeing conflict and poverty is Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Horitz's correspondent Matthias Bamore says, the closure of these camps does not guarantee new ones won't spring up.
>> The influx of new migrants is not showing any sign of demolition. And you could see new migrant tents blossom again in Paris soon. So the questions are, how will the authorities react to this? Will these large eviction operations repeat themselves as new migrants come into Calais or Paris, and for how long, and at what cost?
>> While the former inhabitants of the camps in Paris and Calais have now been moved on, migrants continue to come to France from across the world, and need somewhere to call home.