FIRST AIRED: November 4, 2016

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>> This is not over.>> Guilty on all counts. Two former allies of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie convicted Friday for their roles in the Bridgegate Scandal. Bridget Kelly, the governor's former Deputy Chief of Staff and Bill Baroni former Port Authority Executive were found guilty of fraud and conspiracy among other charges.
For their role in shutting down access lanes at the George Washington Bridge in 2013. Creating a massive days long traffic jam to punish a local mayor for declining to endorse Christie's re-election campaign. A tearful Kelly and defiant Baroni pushing back after the verdict.>> I am innocent of these charges.
>> Reuters legal correspondent Joseph Ax.>> Kelly and Baroni both argued that while they helped plan the lane closures they believed it was part of a legitimate traffic study That it was being run by David Wildstein. He was the Port Authority official who pleaded guilty for his role in the scheme, and appears the government's star witness.
And what Wildstein said was the traffic study was a cover story that all three of them concocted together. And knew from the beginning was simply a way of explaining it in case anyone came along and ask questions.>> Kelly's lawyers argued that the scheme went way beyond the convicted three.
>> Her lawyer mounted the argument that they were essentially scapegoats. That evidence showed that key members of the Christie administration, at the very least, knew of aspects of the scheme. And one of the things that Kelly's lawyer said during closing arguments was, where is Christie? Why haven't we heard from Christie?
Why hasn't he been here to testify?>> So far, Governor Christie, now heading Donald Trump's transition team, has maintained his innocence in the scandal that helped torpedo his White House run. Christie, Friday, again, denying any involvement. But Wildstein testified Christie was in fact aware of the politically motivated scheme as it was unfolding.
>> The other thing people have asked is whether Christie could face criminal charges as a result of the evidence at trial. That he may have known about this either in advance or contemporaneously. And legal experts I've talked to have said that that's pretty unlikely. That if there were gonna be a criminal prosecution of Christie it would have happened by now.
>> Kelly and Baroni each face up to 20 years for the most serious charge, but it's unlikely either will face anywhere close to that.>> Just a lawyer.