FIRST AIRED: November 19, 2016

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>> I'm a stark. I will always be a stark.>> HBO's Emmy award winning series Game of Thrones, known for it's shockingly gory scenes and willingness to kill off heroes has now been recreated for fans on a smaller scale.>> I'm Havovi Cooper from Reuters sitting on the iron throne.
We're at the Game of Thrones Village in New York City, where fans get to immerse themselves in the most memorable moments of the show using virtual reality, green screen, and props. This experience, for instance, allows you to become a part of the Weirwood tree where Bran Stark and Meera Reid spend much of their time.
>> It's kind of surreal because we're here in the middle of New York with fire engines and yellow cabs going past us, but we've got Westeros behind all the doors so, it's a hilarious juxtaposition.>> Actress Elli Kendrick, who plays Reed, was in one of the most talked about scenes from last season.
Spoiler alert, if you haven't caught up yet, when Hodor is killed.>> To make all those people sad, across the world, was wonderful. No, I'm really glad that Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, that he got a really good send off in that episode, because if you're gonna go, what a way to go.
>> We're under attack, use the shield to defend yourself.>> Fans also get a glimpse of what it's like for Jon Snow to fight a battle in Castle Black by putting on these virtual reality goggles.>> That was really good, except that I sucked, and I'm not gonna be part of the night's watch any time soon.
Sorry, Jon Snow.>> Fans can also step into the shoes of Khaleesi in another epic scene from last season when she uses her dragons to burn down the Dothraki Temple. Game of Thrones season seven comes a little later than usual in the summer of 2017. For fans who need something to hold them over, HBO just released the Blue Ray and DVD versions of last season.