FIRST AIRED: November 20, 2016

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>> Permission to address the house for one minute.>> He's Donald Trump's choice to run America's vast CIA spy network. But the emergence of Mike Pompeo a conundrum for many US intelligence operatives. Few of whom had their bets on the Kansas Congressman who swept into office on the tea party wave in 2010.
National Security Reporter Mark Hosenball.>> He's not regarded as a big name in the world of intelligence. He's been on the house intelligence committee for some period of time so it's not that he's a neophyte at all of this. It's just that he's never been particularly prominent in arguing much of anything other than the sort of fairly hard line Tea Party position.
>> Pompeo's biggest mark in Congress, his staunch line in favor of the NSA's controversial domestic spying programs exposed by Edward Snowden whom Pompeo said was a traitor. That program ultimately ruled illegal and dismantled by Congress. Pompeo who graduated First in his class at Westpoint also standing out as a fierce critic of Hillary Clinton and President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.
>> He was pretty strongly in favor of investigations into Hillary Clinton about the Benghazi attack. Also investigations of Hillary Clinton's emails. He's very very strongly against Iran in general, and the US payment of alleged settlement fees to Iran as part of the nuclear deal that he called the payments to Iran which are made as part of this nuclear deal, ransom payments for hostages.
So he's sort of pretty far out there in some of these things.>> Trump also naming Conservative Alabama senator Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General and retired general Mike Flynn as his National Security Advisor. Flynn, like his new boss, known for his searing Twitter blasts. Once tweeting, fear of Muslims is rational.