FIRST AIRED: November 9, 2016

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party on the streets of Miami. Cuban Americans coming out in big numbers. I'm Reuters' Jane Lanhee Lee here in little Havana in Miami. A large number of Trump supporters have turned up here to celebrate his victory, not just in Florida, but for taking the presidency of the United States.
It started as a nail bitingly close race here. The Democratic Party worked hard to bring out minority voters to the polls, especially in the southeast corner of Florida. The rise in Hispanic voters helped in part to drive record early voting numbers with half of the registered voters casting their ballots by Sunday.
But it wasn't enough and few lines at the polling stations on election day itself was the first indication that things weren't going well for Hillary Clinton. So what do the Trump supporters who handed him the most important battle state have to say?>> I came over here back on 1993 in a raft for the freedom for having everything that I have right now.
So we don't want this beautiful country to get destroyed, we don't want this beautiful country to get destroyed by an administration that is gonna drive the country to a communist party.>> Which man doesn't talk back about a woman in certain point in life? I've heard a few, through my lifetime.
So, of course I don't see it, don't misunderstood me. It's not right. The thing is, that I think he has to polish. He's one of us, that's why the people are voting for him because whenever he needs to say
's gonna say it and we all say it.
>> Hillary Clinton for prison. Hillary and Obama for prison for hurting America! They hurt America, they hurt us. And Obama has done absolutely nothing good for anybody, not one thing! Nobody can say one thing that he has done good for us. He's ruined this nation and Donald Trump is gonna make America great again!
>> Yeah, yeah!>> America great again!