FIRST AIRED: November 18, 2016

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>> He could become the first far-right head of state of the European Union. Norbert Hofer, a fiery populist candidate vying for Austria's presidency. Telling Reuters, Donald Trump's victory in the States is proof he's on the right track.>>
> Whenever the elites distance themselves from voters, those elites will be voted out of office.
It's not even a question of right or left but rather how close the contact is. And whether one is ready to implement things that actually alleviate existing concerns.>>
>> Like Trump, Hofer sees himself as a nationalist in touch with the needs of ordinary people ignored by the establishment.
He's focused on Europe's refugee crisis, demanding a ban on what he calls economic migration and thawing the West's relations with Russia. Another trait shared with Trump.>> I am very relieved and I hope it will remain so, that improved relations between Russia and the USA are being outlined.
It is of great importance of peace in the world how these two countries understand each other.>> But can he ride a wave of European populism to office? Trumps win with Britain's vote to leave the European Union has given fresh ammo to far-right candidates in France, Italy and other states.
Most polls suggest Hofer is in a dead heat with independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen.>> I hope that there will be something like a wake up call as they say we've seen. We made big mistakes. We went so far. We loss one of our most important member states, Great Britain.
Now we have to do better.>> Hofer lost once all ready to Van der Bellen by a narrow 31,000 votes last May. But he got a second chance when that runoff was nullified due to voting irregularities.