FIRST AIRED: June 13, 2017

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>> Cheers, laughter and the sound of fists thumping tables.
itish Prime Minister Theresa May winning herself some time Monday night, after a successful meeting with here party's back bench MPs.>> It was a very good meeting, thank you.>> Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson tweeting that she put in a quote, stonking performance.
The lawmaker's reportedly warming to the Prime Minister as she showed contrition for last week's disastrous election result. But now a new challenge, the negotiations that will determine whether May can govern at all. She's meeting with Arlene Foster, head of the Democratic Unionist Party or DUP.>>
>> The party whose ten seats in the House of Commons may fit a parliamentary kingmaker.
Tuesday's negotiations are expected to lead to a supply and confidence arrangement, whereby DUP lawmakers will vote with the conservatives. The question is what price the DUP will want? Foster has said her priorities include securing a good deal for Northern Island as the UK leaves Europe, and strengthening the union between Belfast and London.
Unionists and republicans have joined the governed Northern Island, since the Good Friday agreement in 1998 ended 30 years of sectarian conflict. But now there are concerns that a Tory DUP deal, could put that piece in jeopardy. The President of the Republican Sinn Fein party, Gerry Adams, said any such pact, would under cut the Good Friday agreement.
Moderate conservative MPs also alarmed by the partnership with the DUP, a socially Conservative party that opposes abortion rights and has previously blocked the legalization of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.