FIRST AIRED: June 14, 2017

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>> Some were sleeping when the fire broke out just after midnight, and awoke to find themselves trapped. Flares ripped through the Grenfell Tower, blocking west London with terrifying speed on Wednesday. Witnesses say at least 12 people were killed, scores were injured. Police warn the death toll will probably climb.
Firefighters, more than 200 of them, battled the inferno for hours. Several people were seen to throw their children to safety from windows. Survivors and local residents looking on helplessly, as hellish scenes unfolded above them.>> Ran back in, I grabbed the little girl. Put her under my dressing gown, that's all I had on.
Got my girlfriend up, ran outside. And then looked up and it was just ablaze, everything. It was an absolute nightmare. It was like something out of a horror movie.>> We can see a lot of children. And lot of mothers and fathers screaming for help, help, help. And putting their hands on the window and asking us to help them.
And we couldn't do nothing.>> After the horror, the reckoning starts.>> There are genuine concerns->> London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, saying he'll demand answers to important safety questions. Attention will now turn to pinpointing the cause of the blaze, and how it was able to spread through 24 floors.
I'm Lucy Fielder reporting for Reuters, from West London. Already, construction experts and local residents we've been speaking to at the scene of the blaze are asking questions about the type of cladding used. It was fixed to the outside of the building during a multi-million pound refurbishment, that was completed last year.
Those causes aren't known yet, though. The company that refitted the building saying that it met the required safety standards. It won't end there. A Grenfell residents' group had repeatedly raised the alarm about fire safety standards in the block. Residents were advised to stay put if fire broke out.
Many say they heard no alarm. But amid the anger and outpouring of help and support from local residents, many await news of loved ones still missing after the blaze.