FIRST AIRED: June 6, 2017

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>> Bundles of cash dashed away by islamic militants in the Philipines. The military saying Tuesday its discovery of $1.6 million in bank notes and checks is evidence that Islamic State linked fighters are quickly fleeing their hideouts in the besieged city of Marawi. Reuter's Neil Jerome Morales reports from the city where troops are battling insurgents for control.
>> Islamic militants used this large amount of cash to purchase their own high powered weapons, purchase vehicles to strengthen their cause. The fact that they left this large amount of cash means they have other priorities, particularly, moving to other areas, changing positions for the snipers that are giving the government headache in terms of fighting this rebels and taking back the City of Marawi.
Also, the government has found networks of tunnels connecting these houses and there's stash of ammunition, there are weapons that were previously prepared by the militants and were found by the militants in the homes of Marawi City residents.>> The insurgents are now cornered in a small but built up section of the town after two weeks of intense combat with armed forces.
According to the military, the cash pile suggests, the militants have links with international terrorist groups. Although it's unclear if that's where the money came from.>> It's no surprise that the government seized that much cash and checks inside the house previously controlled by the Islamic militants. Historically people of Marawi, particularly the businessmen, keep their cash inside their homes instead of banks.
And in the first day of the siege the Islamist militants looted a local bank.>> Hundreds of civilians still remain trapped in Marawi or held hostage. The prolonged battles sparking fears that ISIS is building a regional base in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.