FIRST AIRED: June 12, 2017

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>> And the greatest number of seats in the->> British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing pressure on all fronts. Her opposite number Labor Leader Jeremy Corbin has called her a squatter in Downing Street. And after a bruising election last week that lost May her majority, she's cobbled together a cabinet and is trying to reassert authority on her party.
But a new Tory star is in town, with her own take on Brexit, it's adding to a fractious atmosphere. The noteworthy name at this political cabinet meeting is Ruth Davidson. I'm Reuters' Jacob Greaves, reporting from Downing Street where, after a decent electoral return for the Tories in Scotland, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives has increased sway here.
Some have dubbed Davidson the kingmaker, she has the ear of 13 MPs with rumors they will vote as a block. A source close to her has told Reuters she wants Britain to have the closest possible relationship with the EU single market. Her empowered voice as a remainder, a boost to some conservative colleagues.
>> Ruth is in a strong position, I think she's speaking good sense. And with her new team of MPs in the commons, I think that they will be able, I think, to influence the Brexit debate in the days and weeks ahead.>> Not least because Theresa May is weakened, many of her MPs have expressed fury at the party's election losses.
Sentiment May was facing Monday at a meeting of backbench conservative MPs known as the 1922 Committee.>> I think we're all disappointed with the result. It's blindingly obvious the prime minister is disappointed with the result as well, so there's gonna be no need to overlay that. I think what we will be keen on is how we look ahead.
>> For now, the conservative party has managed to reign in the resignation calls within its ranks. But Theresa May isn't out of the woods just yet. On Monday, her main cabinet meeting was delayed, as was the Queen's speech setting out May's legislative agenda. She'll be hoping for better days ahead.