FIRST AIRED: June 12, 2017

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>> This is usually a packed border crossing, but it's totally deserted. The political rift freezing movement across Qatar's only land border, as it faces an economic and diplomatic boycott from powerful Arab states. The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bahrain accused Qatar of financing terrorism, and close ties with Iran.
On Monday, Britain urging the Gulf States to ease the blockade against Qatar and find an immediate solution. The tiny Gulf state denies the charge, and says it's ready to engage in talks. Kuwait has made efforts to mediate. And Iran now says it's ready to give assistance and continue normal trade.
Reuters' Qatar correspondent, Tom Finn, is at the border. We're at the Bu Samra border crossing between Saudi Arabia and Qatar on the Qatari side of the border. Usually there are hundreds of trucks that come through here every day carrying construction materials. And there are also thousands of Qataris and Saudis who come both directions just to visit family members.
But since the border's been closed, we've been walking around here and there's absolutely nothing. There are no trucks and no one passing through.>> Staff at the border telling Reuters closing the frontier has divided families. With one Qatari woman forced to hand her two-year-old son to her Saudi husband across the border after Saudi authorities said she couldn't enter.
We were speaking to a border guard earlier, and he was saying that Saudi and Qatari couples have been divided at the borders. And has been really lamenting the fact that this latest dispute in the Gulf seems to be dividing Gulf countries. Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, these are the United Arab Emirates.
These are countries that are very closely interlinked culturally and religiously. And there are tribes that live on both sides of the border that are now separated.