FIRST AIRED: June 1, 2017

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>> What began as an apparent shoe-in for British Prime Minister Theresa May could end in a hung Parliament. Polls suggest Labour has reduced the Conservatives' massive initial lead to just 3%. A YouGov survey for The Times Newspaper shows the Tories on 42%, and Labour on 39, ahead of the UK's general election.
That's the most drastic and controversial forecast, but other polls show it getting close. The Prime Minister called the snap election, in a bid to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations. The problem for Theresa May is, to make this snap election worthwhile, a simple win isn't enough. She has to win convincingly.
I'm Reuter's
] reporting from Westminster where a number of polls showing this race tightening, and adding pressure on the Prime Minister in the last week of campaigning. To tackle the wobble, she's back on her favorite message, Brexit.>> They have the opportunity to affirm that decision. And secure that brighter future by voting for me to continue as Prime Minister.
>> But her main rival, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, has used Thursday to also talk about the B word.>> We in Labour understand that getting the right deal, one that secures our country's interest with the long term, will be challenging. A matter of serious planning in negotiation, not hectoring and threats, Labour is ready.
>> And on Wednesday, he put in a better performance than his counterparts, mainly because he showed up. Theresa May sent her Interior Secretary instead to a leader's debate involving all the main parties. Her absence presenting an easy target.>> What we have is a general election in eight days time, Theresa May assuming a colossal landslide, that's why she thinks she can ignore and not bother turning up tonight.
>> Tory Grandee stressed this is a wobble not an acute worry, but expect a fervent few days campaigning, trying to ensure that they don't watch that lead slip away.