FIRST AIRED: June 5, 2017

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>> As Westminster gears up for a UK general election, far north in the Scottish fishing of Peterhead, the issue of Scottish independence is muddying political waters already saturated by talks of Brexit and party politics. Like many here, fisherman Brian Berkin supports leaving the EU, hoping to take back control of British waters.
A former backer of the Scottish National Party, he now feels betrayed. First Minister and SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon is campaigning to bring Scotland out of the UK and back into the EU.>> It's Independence at any cost to join the EU. Why do you leave a union of 300 years to jump into bed with a union of 40 years?
No thanks.>> Although Nichola Sturgeon talks of an independent Scotland rejoining the EU, it's not that simple. Many SNP voters voted to leave and the party faces a real struggle convincing those voters to vote for them in this general election. Neighboring constituency, Moray, recorded the highest Brexit vote in Scotland, remain defeated leave by just 122 votes.
SNP Deputy Leader Angus Robertson is Morey's incumbent MP. Across Scotland, most nationalists voted to stay in the EU, but almost a third opted to leave. This, coupled with a high Brexit vote, has pollsters YouGov predicting he'll be ousted by his Conservative challenger despite holding a majority of almost 10,000 votes.
>> The last time I looked, people in Moray didn't vote for the kind of extreme, damaging, hard Brexit that the Tories are pursuing down south. We were told that we could be like Norway, as rich as Norway. We could be in the single European market, but outside of the European Union.
What's happened to that?>> The SNP is still projected to sweep Scotland's Westminster seats, but the Conservatives could make gains here as the issues of nationalism and Brexit take center stage.