FIRST AIRED: June 15, 2017

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>> EU mobile phone users can now roam free around Europe. Charges for using your phone outside your home state now abolished. That's thanks to the European commission and a long cherished plan, free roaming in all EU countries. That means everything, calls, texts and data. But Reuters Julia Fioretti says, it definitely hasn't happened overnight.
>> So the end of roaming has been the EU's pet project for ten years, since 2007. They have seized this cause as a way to show citizens across the EU that Brussels can actually do something for its citizens. And have a tangible impact, given that it's something that all citizens fear when they travel.
>> But in Brussels' fight against zero skepticism, ten years may have been a bit too long. The plan's come together too late to entice Britains to stay in the block. But, if you're a Brit, you'll still get to enjoy roaming for a while, even if you voted leave.
>> Britain will get to enjoy it for about two years, a year and a half? And then it will depend on any Brexit deal. As soon as Britain leaves the EU, technically this regulation does not apply. But probably given the amount of traffic between the UK and the rest of Europe, one can imagine that there would be a deal.
But until there is one, it is not a given.>> The plan should technically kiss goodbye to shock phone bills after a trip abroad>> But some say it simply means package deals at home will get pricier, and some smaller phone companies aren't happy. Some that can't swallow the extra costs involved simply decided to abolish roaming all together.
Allowing big players like Vodafone and O2 to scoop up market share. Now that this battle is won, the EU is taking its roaming battle to films and TV. They want users to be able to log into digital accounts like Sky, Spotify, and Netflix while abroad. Hopefully, this time, within the next decade.