FIRST AIRED: June 10, 2017

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>> One tiny political party from Northern Ireland now holds the balance of power in the UK's political crisis. They only hold ten seats in parliament, small enough that even many Britons don't know what the Democratic Unionist Party, or DUP is Google Data revealing, the DUP is the most searched party online as Prime Minister Teresa May revealed she'd be allying her own Conservative party with them to keep her government afloat.
The DUP's website even crashing from the sudden traffic. Reuters Padraic Halpin in Dublin explains.>> That is in favor of the United Kingdom. They are strongly against any suggestion that Northern Ireland will become part of the United Ireland with the Irish public, but also people will find out they are a very socially Conservative Party.
Perhaps, one of the most socially conservative in In Europe they are in favor of keeping Northern Ireland's very restrictive abortion laws. For one example, they staunchly against gay marriage which is legalized in England, in Wales, and in Scotland, but not in Northern Ireland.
>> The DUP was founded by a firebrand preacher in Paisley known for calling line dancing or country western dancing a sin and famously once heckled the Pope himself, naming him the antichrist. Negotiations between the Prime Minister and the Democratic Unionists may be difficult. She took a more centrist approach in the last election in an attempt to woo voters from her main opposition in the Labor Party.
Concessions likely to focus on brick and mortar issues, rather than ideological.>> From a Northern Irish point of view, it's all about the smallest province in the United Kingdom. An economy that's maybe less developed than other parts of Britain. Here you can be sure that the GOB will be looking for more funding, concessions.
People were talking about you're gonna see a lot more rows being built and it's so we both know.>> For Prime Minister May, every vote from the DUP will count. If the fragile alliance fails, it will mean more hung parliament and possibly even losing power