FIRST AIRED: June 12, 2017

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>> The Manchester bomber who killed 22 people, likely built the explosive device himself. British police say Salman Abedi put the bomb together in the days before the attack at the concert arena in the north of England last month. The 22-year-old traveled to Libya on the 15th of April and returned on the 18th of May.
Four days later, he blew himself up at the Ariana Grande show, and Britain increased its security threat level from severe to critical. Reuters' UK correspondent, Paul Sandle.>> The police initially thought he was part of a much bigger network. That's looking less likely now. He might have had advice, he might have had help, but, in fact, in terms of building the bomb, he did it all himself.
That's what the police believe at this stage. They arrested 22 people. All of those people have now been released, so they cannot directly connect them to the actual building the bomb. But what they're trying to find out is who his contacts were, where he got the knowledge to build a bomb from, where he was, kind of, radicalized, and who might have been influencing him.
>> CCTV footage showed Abedi buying items for the bomb soon after he returned to the UK, including nuts from a hardware store that were used as shrapnel, and the tin that was believed to contain the explosives. Detectives think the materials used for the bomb were stored in a white Nissan microcar that Abedi bought before flying to Libya.
Abedi's brother left Britain at about the same time. He was arrested, along with their father, by Libyan counterterrorism investigators after the attack. UK counterterrorism police have said they are very interested in talking to him.