FIRST AIRED: June 14, 2017

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shington pointing a finger at North Korea for cyber attacks dating back years. A rare warning from both the FBI and the department of Homeland Security blaming Pyongyang for hacks targeting media, finance and infrastructure around the world since 2009. And saying the attacks were likely to keep on coming.
No specific victims are named but the report refers to a group called the Hidden Cobra, better known as the Lazarus Group. As Reuters Jeremy Wagstaff reports, they've got a history of big attacks.>> We're pretty sure that they were behind the Sony Pictures attack in 2014. The US government accused them directly of that.
And more recently researchers believe that they were behind the WannaCry ransomware virus which disabled 300,000 computers earlier this year. So the fear is that they are planning through their botnet and network of computers that is under their control to launch much more dangerous attacks. This could be anything from espionage, stealing stuff, or it could be destructive, destroying data, destroying all the data in a bank or government department.
>> The US report analyzes the groups past attacks in points to what Hidden Cobra could be capable of in the future.>> The base from which they launch this cyber attacks is getting stronger is getting bigger they're using remote access Trojans, key loggers, DDos botnets. All sorts of different kinds of tools which enable them to move everywhere and then do different kinds of espionage destruction.
Or just simply presents, monitoring what's going on.>> Security analysts tell Reuters they're concerned about the increasingly aggressive cyber attacks from North Korea. Hacks have included espionage aimed at South Korean finance, energy and transportation companies. And what experts are calling reconnaissance ahead of further attacks.