FIRST AIRED: June 14, 2017

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>> A towering inferno in West London .A raging fire tearing through a 24 story building, trapping some sleeping residents inside.>> Anybody who is sleeping through the building they need to ring 999. There is a->> 200 firefighters and more than 20 ambulance crews rushed in to battle the blaze which broke out in the early hours of Wednesday leaving several dead and injuring at least 50 others.
The whole area around Grenfell Tower in West London is cordoned off because of the falling debris and fears the building could collapse. I'm Lucy Fielder reporting from Reuters. And I've been speaking to residents who said they saw people trapped In the upper floors screaming for help, and that it then went dark because of the smoke.
They also saw people jumping from upstairs windows. We're now hearing as well that residents have long been complaining that this building was unsafe.>> Heavy smoke and flames still visible, hours after the blaze broke out in the apartment block where hundreds of people live. Residents lucky enough to make it out have been speaking about the horror they witnessed.
>> Ran back in, I've grabbed a little girl, put her under my dressing gown because that's all I had on. Got my girlfriend up, ran outside and then looked up and it was just a blaze. It was an absolute nightmare, it was like something out of a horror movie.
>> When this side of the building was on fire, the left hand side of the building was on fire on the right hand side I remember seeing, what I could tell was a woman and a young person, a young child, a young man or something, putting their heads out the window.
But I predict that the carbon monoxide probably got to them, unfortunately.>> Extensive repairs to the outside of the block were completed last year, including new windows and cladding. Residents saying they ignored official safety advice which was to stay inside their homes in order to make their escape.
A local resident association warned previously that it was very worried about the fire risk. London's mayor Sadiq Khan, called it a major incident, one that raises serious questions about the safety of tower blocks in the capital.>> Our focus has to be on social rescue>> So far there's no clear sign of what started the blaze.