FIRST AIRED: June 7, 2017

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ilippines' troops scouring the besieged city of Marawi Wednesday, sweeping the streets and pushing Islamic militants into a corner. The Army has been battling Isis linked fighters for more than two weeks. Now they're on a mission to free trapped civilians, clear out fighters and seize their supplies and weapons.
Reuters' Neil Jerome Morales is on the scene less than a mile away from militant snipers.>> This leading operation will allow the government to declare that residential areas, streets, alleys to be safe zones and eventually will allow the residents to return to this area. Armed forces and the police cleared every alley, they entered every house to check if there are weapons, stash of ammunition, or other paraphernalia of the ISIS linked militants.
This way they will prevent the militants from ever using these houses as an area where they can replenish their stocks.>> As the operation wore on, the unit cleared a way to its goal, a hospital near to where militants are holed up that was forced to shut down when the fighting began.
>> Clearing the street leading to the hospital is a key victory for the government in this part of town, because they allow the government to reopen the provincial hospital and treat the civilians, military personnel quickly.>> Not only Marawi, but all of the Southern islands of Mindanao has been placed under Martial Law.
Earlier Wednesday the army said they'd thwarted the militants' original attack plan which aimed to separate Marawi from the rest of the country, a move they say clearly justifies President Rodrigo Duterte's controversial decision to put the military in charge.