FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2017

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>> For Theresa May's ruling Conservatives, the polls only appear to be going one way, down. The latest survey by Ipsos MORI finding the UK Minister's lead shrinking to just five points ahead of the opposition Labour Party. The party standing ahead of Britain's general election dropping 15 points in just two weeks.
Another pollster, YouGov, painting an even grimmer picture for the PM, that has May just 3% ahead, raising the potential of a hung parliament. By all accounts there are still polling in front. But Britain's Prime Minister called the snap election in April hoping to vastly increase a slim Conservative majority, the hope that would her a stronger hand going into Brexit negotiations.
Polls have got it wrong before. Notably in the last general election and the Brexit vote. But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appears buoyed by them and trying to push home any advantage. The Conservatives have tried to tarnish his potential leadership potentials, but on Friday Corbyn turned the tables. Critiquing May's response to Donald Trump taking the US out of the Paris climate change accord.
>> The other three members of the G7, the European members of G7, France, Germany and Italy, have written to Donald Trump this morning to make this very clear. So why does Theresa May not have her name on this joint statement?>> Theresa May says she's told Trump the decision was disappointing and the Conservatives maintain her campaign is still on track.
Especially given the only poll that really counts will come when Britain votes on June 8.