FIRST AIRED: June 8, 2017

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>> Radicalized in 2015 while living in the UK, a killer two years later. Libyan investigators telling Reuters what they're learning about the Manchester suicide bomber who killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert last month. Authorities in Tripoli arrested Salman Abedi's father and brother Hashim in the days after the attack.
They've questioned other family members too. Reuters interviewing the spokesman for the counter terrorism force that is investigating the Libyan connection. As Aiden Louis reports from neighboring Tunisia Reuters can't verify the conditions of the family member's interrogation or whether they've had access to lawyers.>> Well what we've been told is that Salman Abedi's brother said that someone had been radicalized in Manchester, in 2015, through friends, and through the Internet, and that the brother, Hashim, had bought equipment for the attack, in the UK, before traveling back to Libya in April.
Although he said that, according to the investigators, he said he didn't know where his brother was gonna carry out this attack, and his mother apparently told them about a call that Salman had made back to Tripoli on the day of the attack to, as they put it, say goodbye to his family, and his mother said to ask forgiveness, even though the force that's holding members of the family Tripoli say that it appears he was radicalized in the UK, rather than in Libya.
He had travelled to Libya recently. His father denies being a member of the Libyan Islamic fighting group which was set up in the 1980s, but he is close to some Islamist figures in Tripoli, so there are questions around that. There are questions around possible militant activity linked to several attacks in Europe including the Manchester attack given how fluid and chaotic the situation in Libya has been in recent years, and given the fact that various militant groups have had a presence there.