FIRST AIRED: June 21, 2017

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>> And it's being discussed in secret.>> And no transparency.>> Senate Democrats digging in against the Republican push to do away with ObamaCare. It's a plan few GOP Senators have even seen. But dismissing complaints of secrecy Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday vowing to fast track health care, saying he'll reveal a draft of the bill on Thursday.
>> Everybody will have an adequate time to take a look at it.>> A plan being crafted by a team of 13 GOP senators, all men and kept under wraps. Deputy domestic policy editor Karen Bohan.>> Well, it's a gamble, because anytime you're voting on something like health care, it's controversial and there are gonna be aspects of it that people aren't gonna like.
>> Unfortunately->> Democrats have been highly critical of the secrecy of the process and they've begun some stalling tactics. But they're not the only ones. Some Republicans such as Marco Rubio have said that they don't understand why it has to be in secret. It really has stymied the opportunity to have input.
>> The plan was sent last week to the Congressional Budget Office to be scored on its cost and how many people it would cover. Democratic Senators Cory Booker, Chris Murphy and Brian Schatz having a little fun on Facebook carpooling to the CBO's offices in Washington to see if they could get a glimpse of the bill.
They did not.>> This is an offense to the way the Senate function.>> Senate Republicans spilling the heat to come up with a plan less contentious than the one passed in the house, after the CBO said they would cover 23 million fewer Americans within ten years. After warmly embracing the bill President Donald Trump last week stepping back from the House effort calling the plan mean.
White House spokesman Sean Spicer.>> The President clearly wants a bill that has heart in it.>> And Bohan says assembling enough Republican votes won't be easy.>> McConnell can't afford to lose more than two Republican votes for this bill. And the trouble is, he's gonna have to craft a bill that will satisfy the concerns of Senators like Susan Collins, who are worried about protecting people with pre-existing conditions.
And also senators such as Ted Cruz, who want the bill to go as far as possible and repealing ObamaCare.>> Meaning, even in his own party, McConnell's bill faces an uphill fight and a long road before repeal and replace can ever land on President Trump's desk.>> Outside perspective.