FIRST AIRED: May 31, 2017

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>> French President Emmanuel Macron, has been in office just over two weeks. In that time he's met the major world leaders, attended a NATO meeting and a G7 summit, and faced his first whiff of scandal. Corruption allegations against two of his government ministers, clouding his pledge of clean leadership.
But Reuters Paris Bureau Chief Andy Callus says that doesn't seem to have effected his popularity in France.>> The French media have certainly continued to see everything as quite positive. The opinion polls continue to show that he's likely to win in parliamentary majority in 10 days or so time, which is gonna be very important for his presidency.
And this despite the fact that we have the rumblings of a financial scandal surrounding one of his key ministers. What we've learned is that he really wants to really stay above all the day to day tittle tattle.>> Macron's first day's featuring some shows of strength. This week he hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin and had sharp words about Moscow's meddling in his election campaign.
And on meeting Donald Trump in Brussels, Macron countered the US president's iconic handshake with an equally firm grip.>> He's done his homework, put some work into knowing who people are and what their tricks are. I think the handshake incident with Trump showed that he knew what to expect and had decided what he was going to do.
He also knows how to make a visual point. At the famous NATO meeting in Brussels where he appeared to walk straight towards Donald Trump, and then veered off to greet Angela Merkel and several other people instead.>> In an uncharacteristically blunt speech on Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that more than ever Europe needs to stick together.
>> For her the French president represents a reliable partner with similar views on key issues. Macron's pledge to restore Franco German ties perhaps already ticked off.