FIRST AIRED: May 31, 2017

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>> Uber announcing on Tuesday that it's fired the former head of its self-driving car division, Anthony Levandowski, the man at the center of the most closely watched legal battle in Silicon Valley. Google's Waymo accuses Levandowski, a former employee, of stealing trade secrets from its autonomous driving unit before joining Uber.
Now he is refusing to comply with a court order demanding that he hand over relevant documents. Reuters tech correspondent, Heather Summerville, has been covering the case.>> Anthony Levendousky was in charge of all of Uber's self driving car programs until last month when he stepped aside from certain responsibilities that have to do with technology around light sensors and self driving cars.
This was a move by Uber to preempt an anticipated judges ruling that would demand Anthony Levandowski not work on this technology. That ruling did indeed come down in addition to a ruling that Levandowski must return all of the allegedly stolen documents from Waymo.>> Levandowski has declined to cooperate, citing his 5th Amendment right not to incriminate himself.
>> Right now this is a civil case, but just earlier this month, the federal judge in the case recommended it to the US Attorney General's office for potential criminal prosecution. If that happens, Anthony Levondowski could face serious consequences. It's not just Lewandowski in jeopardy. If Google turns out to win the trade secrets theft lawsuit, it could potentially shut down Uber's entire autonomous driving program.