FIRST AIRED: June 17, 2017

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>> He's the white-haired Independent from New England who's emerging as one of Donald Trump's fiercest antagonists in the Senate. No, not this guy. Meet Angus King, the junior Senator from Maine.>> What is the legal basis for your refusal to answer these questions?>> I'm Andy Sullivan, in Washington, where the mustachioed Mainer has been blowing up on social media as the Senate drills down on the Trump team's ties to Russia.
He's not the loudest voice in the room, or the most partisan, but when he questions members of the administration, he often does the most damage.>> Do you believe the Russians interfered with the 2016 elections?>> In Attorney General Jeff Sessions' high stakes appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, King got Sessions to admit that he hadn't spent any time learning about how Russia hacked the 2016 election.
>> I've never received any detail briefing.>> Then you never sought any information about this rather dramatic attack on our country?>> No.>> Never, received no briefing on the Russian active measures in connection with the 2016 election?>> No, I don't believe I ever did.>> King earlier tangled with Director of National Intelligence, Daniel Cotes and NSA Director, Mike Rogers for hedging on reports that the President had asked them for help in tamping down the FBI's Russia probe.
>> What you feel isn't relevant, Admiral.>> I stand by the comments I've made. I'm not interested in repeating myself, sir and I don't mean that in a contentious way.>> Well I do mean it in a contentious way.>> Yes, sir.>> When James Comey testified before the Committee last week, King bantered with the former FBI Director about England's King Henry II, who encouraged his supporters to assassinate the Archbishop of Canterbury 800 years ago.
>> When a president in the United States in the Oval Office says something like, I hope or I suggest or would you, do you take that as a directive? Yes, it rings in my ears as kind of, will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest.>> I was just gonna quote that.
In 1170, December 29, Henry II, that's exactly the same situation.>> A former television host and energy executive, King served as a budget cutting, two term governor of Maine. But also negotiated lower drug prices and provided school children with laptop computers. King has taken a relatively low profile in the Senate since he was first elected in 2012.
That's rapidly changing as the Russia investigation heats up. And King is showing no sign of letting up in his efforts to hold the Trump Administration accountable.>> Well, I don't understand why you're not answering our questions. You