FIRST AIRED: June 1, 2017

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>> With new arrival Neil Gorsuch giving the Supreme Court a conservative tilt, liberal activist are nervously watching another conservative, Anthony Kennedy. They're worried the 80 year old justice who has sided with them in the past may be getting ready to hang up his robes, and sweating over who President Donald Trump might put in his place.
Supreme Court reporter, Lawrence Hurley.>> He's the key vote in a lot of big cases and some of those cases, he has sided with the court's liberals and voted in favor of liberal causes, such as gay marriage, which is the most famous one. And also to protect a woman's right to an abortion, which he's done on a couple of occasions.
>> Some very major topics.>> Of course with Donald Trump as president, they're desperate for him now to stay on the court because he would be replaced with someone more conservative, who could unravel some of those decisions on which Kennedy has been the key vote.>> Liberal activists have begun a campaign appraising Kennedy in the media.
Some reaching out to Kennedy's former law clerks, asking them to urge him not to retire. Trump has said that his choice for a second Supreme Court nomination would come from the same place as Gorsuch. A list of candidates with none of Kennedy's moderate views on social issues such as abortion.
>> In the age of Trump, the Supreme Court has, perhaps, taken on this greater importance as kind of a body that still adheres to some of those traditional views of like how to approach the law. And so, I think Justice Kennedy, as the swing vote on the court, is seen as being a key voice who could perhaps push back against the Trump administration.
>> Liberals trying to coax a few more years out of Kennedy despite his strong conservative views on others issues, such as voting to do away with campaign finance restrictions in the 2010 Citizens United decision, which liberals strongly opposed. If Kennedy decides to retire, word could come as soon as the end of June when the court wraps up its current session for the summer.