FIRST AIRED: June 5, 2017

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>> That moment when you're fleeing a terror attack, but you'll be damned if you're leaving your beer behind. This picture taken during the attack in London on Saturday night going viral as an example of British humor and resolve in the face of terrorism.>> I absolutely love the guy running with the beer.
I thought that that should have been photographed and should replace the Union Jack, you still have a bevvy on the go. This is London Bridge, this is the London price, that is six quid. You gotta keep it on the move.>> Standup comedian, John Hastings, saying that laughing in the face of terrorism is the healthy response.
>> I think to immediately just stop and embrace the sadness and embrace the anger that these sort of things create feeds into what the people that committed this want from a society. To mock them and say they can't change how we feel about our society, you can't stop us from running with beer, I think is a really natural, healthy response.
>> While some news reports suggested Londoners are reeling in the aftermath of the attack, Britain's used Twitter to tell the world that it will take more to bring the city to its knees. The #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling, revealing what really concerns the UK. Seat hogging on the London underground, pronunciation of the word scone, or should that be scone?
And people who make the British national drink, tea, in the microwave.>> In true typical British fashion, everyone watching at home, it's begun raining and as you can see, no one's using their brellies, nothing brings London down. You can't stop it, these people have decided to wear shorts cuz it was sunny briefly this morning, and they're gonna keep doing it.
If the weather can't stop Britain, neither can these GD terrorists.