FIRST AIRED: June 5, 2017

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>> On the heels of the deadly weekend attack in London, US President Donald Trump on Monday unleashing a torrent of tweets calling for his travel ban. Blaming the US Justice Department for what he describes as its current politically correct version. And saying it should ask for an expedited hearing of watered down travel ban before the Supreme Court and seek a much tougher version.
Reuters correspondent Mica Rosenberg says, Trumps words could actually hurt his case to have the high court reinstate his ban.>> He called it a watered down version, his revised ban, a watered down version of his original ban. That complicates the Justice Departments own argument, that a new order issued in March is significantly different than the original order issued in January.
>> And Trump calling the revised ban politically correct, says Rosenberg.>> Which raises some of the questions of what does that mean, and is that somehow signaling that the intent behind it was to discriminate against Muslims? Which is what the challengers are arguing in this case.>> Some among his own camp already agitated by the tweets.
George Conway, husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, and a former top prospect for the Justice Department, tweeting, Trump's tweets certainly won't help OSG. The Office of Solicitor General get 5 votes in the Supreme Court, which is actually what matters.>> One legal expert that I spoke to said that it's probably giving the government lawyers heartburn over these comments.
In part because if the President is making a lot of arguments that seem to contradict what his own Justice Department lawyers say, there might be some instinct. Especially by moderates on the court like Kennedy, who is a key swing vote, to try and rein in the President in this arena.
>> The Justice Department filed two emergency applications with the Supreme Court last week to have it reinstated. Trump also tweeting that new extreme vetting measures for immigrants are moving forward, something that could also undercut his argument that a travel ban is urgently needed.