FIRST AIRED: June 20, 2017

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>> This race is about what's important to the votes of the 6th District.>> The costliest congressional race in history getting dirty and down to the wire in Georgia where Democrats hope that dissatisfaction with President Trump will help them win a seat on Tuesday that has been controlled by Republicans for decades.
I'm Andy Sullivan in Sandy Springs, Georgia where Democrat John Ossoff just rallied a bunch of his supporters ahead of a final round of door knocking. It's the final push in an election that has cost more $40 million, making it by far the most expensive congressional race ever. Nationally, this is seen as a referendum on President Donald Trump, but Ossoff supporters I talked to here say it's not really about that.
It's more that they see this as a chance to turn a long traditional Republican area into a Democratic district. Republicans not giving up the seat without a fight and it's gotten ugly. Attack ads from fringe groups trying to link Ossoff to last week's shooting of Republicans in suburban Virginia.
Another ad manipulating President Obama's voice telling people not to vote.>> We'd all line up and vote the straight Democratic ticket. Sell our souls for a Christmas turkey. Republican Karen Handel, a former Secretary of State, sticking to her go-to plan of attack, saying that 30-year old Ossoff is inexperienced and pointing out that he doesn't even live in the district.
>> I have lived in this community for nearly 25 years.>> Volunteers for Ossoff hoping Trump's low approval ratings and the unpopular GOP health plan in Congress will help but one conceding that changing hearts and minds is a challenge.>> It's pretty cut and dry here, I think it's hard to flip people's positions.
You're either can't stand Trump and you wouldn't want anything to do with him, or no matter what he does, you're going to support him no matter what>> Republicans hoping the legacy of conservative leadership will hold steady but some acknowledging the Ossoff campaign is hard to ignore.>> I'm getting a lot of knocks on the door.
>> Tell me about that.>> Honestly, they were all Ossoff supporters.>> Really?>> I guess Handel didn't have the money to match, I don't know.>> Both campaigns are careful to say that this is a local election focused on the needs of the voters here in the 6th District of Georgia but it's hard not to see the national implications here.
If Ossoff wins, Democrats will have an easier time recruiting candidates and raising money as they try to retake the House next fall. If Handel wins, Republicans will say all that is hype, that their party is doing just fine, it does not rise and fall on the strengths of Donald Trump's Twitter feed.