FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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I mean it element in Washington where Congress just delivered another setback to Obama who's been trying to close Guantanamo anti took office Senate voting ninety one to three to make it more difficult for his administration to transfer prisoners but Obama's not giving up holding up the possibility of an executive order that could make get no up front burner issue in the twenty sixteen election the bush administration set up and get my what a naval base in Cuba in two thousand to detain members of al Qaeda and other extremist groups in the wake of nine eleven after reports of waterboarding and other abuses Obama vowed to close the prison ready ran for president in two thousand eight saying it had become a symbol of injustice and a rallying cry for terror groups but he's been repeatedly blocked in Congress Republican thing you'll be too risky to transfer dangers detainees prison thank you at Doyle many have been taken in by other countries and others cleared to go but there are still one hundred and twelve held at the facility Obama expected to find this bill but he's also working on another plane to close the prison , and that would bring to trial does you can be prosecuted trip abroad those who don't pose much of a security threat and bring to you S. oiled those who pose a security threat but can't be prosecuted , I certainly think it resistance on Capitol Hill in some respect Obama may go around Congress altogether issuing an executive order that would be sure to infuriate Republicans who already thinks he's overreaching on other issues but with a little more than a year left in office Obama's running out of time to make good on day one promised to shudder Guantanamo with good