FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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ndel Ryan now on a glide path to become the next speaker of the house but if you think that that's up the forty five year old congressman perfectly for a run at the White House some day think again I mean element on Capitol Hill where a vote is all but certain to put the rising Republican star into one of the top jobs in Washington second in line to the presidency but the job that historically been a career ender only one yes one house speaker has gone on to serve as president and that was James K. Polk back in eighteen forty five if Ryan wants to reach the White House someday you're going to have to find a way to break the curse , rating as you recall Ryan with the Republican vice presidential nominee in twenty twelve and for a long time party elders as seen in the strong contender for president someday city stay viable for a presidential bid Ryan will have to Dodge the disasters that have ended the careers and so many others , right now that means nothing less than ending a little war between a party moderates and conservatives at getting more bloody we need to move from an opposition party to being a proposition party but the plot that trickle navigating live wire vote on raising the debt ceiling in the budget in coming weeks no matter how we handled it began to upset somebody no more the upside of that being speaker is a good perch to build and maintain a national network of political contact it'll certainly come in handy at forty five he can be speaker for as long or longer than dinner and still had time to reinvent himself take a look at Ronald Reagan for much of his career he was a union leader unloved by Republicans then he switched horses and became a California governor before reaching the White House that cheating active obviously a lot harder coming out of Congress which right now has a fourteen percent approval rating among the American public Republicans widely praised Ryan's political skills will see how far they can take it now