FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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and in the book we got approached Garber few candidates there we are extremely different after Ben Carson I'm James Oliphant local correspondent for Reuters Donald Trump held a press conference to promote his new book crippled America what's interesting is that trump is the occasion to push back the national narratives that now he's tied in the polls with Ben Carson , and of course truck being trapped he wasted no time going right after Carson you look at Denny's very weak on immigration and then want to get rid , if you can't get rid of Medicare be a horrible thing to get rid of it actually works to get rid of the fraud waste and abuse , when a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of Medicare I don't know how he stays there while not surprising the truck will take aim arrival there is some risk in going after Carson , why whatever other GOP campaign tell Reuters that , they would be worried about blowback person joins very high favorability rating among the Republican electorate seems like more than any other candidate in the GOP field and whose negatives are the lowest by contrast truck has some of the highest , which means that there's a real risk that he alienates voters right now like Carson but who truck might need to secure the GOP nomination , Ben Carson , does not have that energy