FIRST AIRED: June 28, 2017

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>> Yet another attempt to solve the long running Cyprus dispute has begun. A meeting on Wednesday will end a stalemate, which had threatened to derail two years of negotiations. This round, labelled the most complex in the series of peace talks between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Greece, Turkey and Britain will act as guarantor powers with the European Union as an observer.
>> My preference is to talk about this as the best chance. Not to discuss about whether it's a last chance, but I think it's a best chance. It's a unique opportunity and it would be extremely sad if it was wasted. And I think, frankly, that's recognized by all participants.
>> Cyprus has been divided since Turkey seized part of the island in 1974. Mediators say the two sides are now closer to an agreement than ever before, but have left the hard parts until last. Territory, property, governance, and power-sharing are seen as make or break issues. One of the key sticking points is the 30,000 Turkish troops stationed in the breakaway north of the island.
Greek Cypriots see their ongoing presence post-settlement as a threat. Turkish Cypriots say the troops are necessary for their safety.>> One side puts more emphasis on the security of community because of a sense of being the smaller community, numerically, and another side puts more emphasis on security of state.
And some people might argue that both of these concern are legitimate at the same time, but there are kind of different emphasis on where one should start and what relates to what.>> The ultimate goal is a peace deal uniting the island under a federal umbrella. The talks in Crans-Montana will continue as long as is needed.
The United Nations' current plans see the session lasting until the 7th of July.